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I've noticed that sometimes when the shower in the house is turned on my PC turns off. If I press the power button it will not turn back on until the shower is finished. However it does not happen every time the shower is turned on! Is this a problem with the PSU or the wiring in the house? My PSU is a (new) corsair hx650. I've never seen this happen in the previous 6 months with my old PSU (a 200w one from an old Dell machine) but then my old PSU is rated lower.

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  1. Hmmmm.....Is the plumbing and/or the hot water heater properly grounded?

    Have you tried the pc using a different electrical outlet in another room?
  2. I've used the same PC with a different PSU for the past 5 months now with no issue, with various sockets and extension leads. It just happened there again without the shower being on.

    I had the PSU in another PC as well and it was experiencing reboot loops that I thought was due to bad ram (some of the ram was bad) but it might be a bad PSU too :(
  3. Can't edit it seems: just to note that no other appliances turned off at the same time as the PC (even the monitor plugged into the same extension cord).
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