$150 graphics card

Hi, I'm buying a new graphics card. I'm currently running a:
Nvidia 9300 GE 256 MB
8GB Ram
AMD Phenom X4 9550 Quad Core
Windows 7

I'm spending $300 total. About $100 for a 500+W PSU (+shipping). BTW suggestions are appreciated for this too.

The rest will be spent on the graphics card (+shipping).

I wanted to get an ATI because I do a lot of gaming/video editing/Flash/Photoshop and I don't particularly like the Nvidia drivers. The colors seem off. Secondly, it needs to run sort of cool since I don't have much in the way of cooling. Whether it can run in crossfire or not doesn't matter since my motherboard won't support it. I also would like it to 1 GB of video RAM if possible. Whatever you may decide I would like it to perform at least on par with an ATI Radeon 4770 512MB. Finally it does not need to have DX 11 support since I won't be playing those games until I do a total upgrade of my pc.
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  1. what resolution are you running, maybe a 4850 would be good for ya? that processor of yours would probably bottleneck any better cards :/
  2. That's what I was thinking. I'm running 1920x1200. I always have to run a lower resolution in game for it to be playable 24+ fps
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    well at that resolution i would suggest a 4870 1GB or a 5770 1GB :) i dont think the CPU would bottleneck too much at that resolution.
  4. Check out the articel "Best Graphics Card for the Money - May 2010:,2621.html

    For $200, get a Radeon HD 5770 @ $169, but get the one with the enclosed cooling schroud! It will exhaust the air out the back of the case: This one is 1GB DDR5 memory, and a natural upgrade from your 4770.

    As for PSU: Corsair 650W Modular, but it a little more $$ @ 119.00:
  5. So, it seems it's unanimously a 5770. Well then does anyone know how much power it needs. Corsair is pretty reliable?
  6. 5770. Get it, be happy.

    Corsair is very reliable and that PSU would be enough for you to have two 5770s
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  8. Quote:
    Yep, one of the better PSU manufacturers. Though even a 400W could be used with a 5770/9550 as long you dont OC.

    I won't be doing any OC anytime soon. Anyway, thanks for the help.
  9. Great thing about the 5770, it only needs 1 PCIe power connection. My 4870 needs 2!

    I think I read that a 5770 only need 18W of power, my 4870 need 90W? But I could be wrong...that's how I get recognition :lol:
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