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I have an older case with a newer motherboard (M/B). The front of the case has an internal PCB with 2 USB Ports on it. The cable wiring has different colors than the standard, so I'm having trouble identifying which cable goes to which pin on the M/B. The PCB card the ports are mounted to has 2 rows of 9 pins, with the bottom pin 1 removed for connector lineup. All of the wiring starts on pin 2 and ends on pin 5. Black - 2, Yellow - 3, Green - 4, Red - 5. I know which pin on the M/B is which, (+5, gnd, data +/-). The motherboard end of the supplied wire has individual pins, so that they can be connected to the appropriate pin. I'm trying to find which color goes to what on the M/B.

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    PIN out should be:

    NC - 5, Black - 4, Yellow - 3, Green - 2, Red - 1
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