Swapping HDD to SSD in my Y580 Help

Well, the thing is it has been a while since I went into a laptop. I didn't know SSD existed until a few months ago.
I was wondering how to get the Windows OS onto a SamSung 830 128GB(plenty of space) SSD I have sitting in front of me. Not sure how I would go about it from scratch.

I read that there is a easy software that will migrate HDD data to the new SSD without any problems and instructions. Although, the comments on migrating with this software differed.

I have a Y580, I wan to use the Samsung 830 as my primary and only drive. I hope not to run into any problems/surprises. I heard that SSDs get slower over time as well as have a limited amount times they can be written on I also heard many brands are unreliable(OTZ). When it comes to Sata ad mSata I am a bit confused. I just simply put want an SSD where my HDD is with my current data on my HDDD transferred to the SSD. I have a 320GB Toshiba External Drive I have with a windows CD image and BackUps/Mirror etc on. All backed up on that external drive.

I read some guides, but I couldn't find any guides for using the SSD as my main only storage device for files, applications and the OS. I want to do it myself, save myself time money and learn. Thanks for any help guys!

My Y580:
6GB DDR3 1600mhz
Toshiba 5400RPM 750GB HDD
Intel i7 3610QM
NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 660M 2GB graphics


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  1. Anyone Know???
  2. Acronis disk director suite 11 is probably one of your best bets i have used it several times in this manner, you would have to connect both drives to a computer system, boot the disk and use the clone tool to copy the disks directly while also selecting to copy the NT signature.
  3. Ok thanks sounds great, was also wondering if SSD can be used as the main and only storage/booting drive?
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