$1k budget for DX10 Age of Conan upgrade- need advice

I am looking to upgrade my mobo, CPU, RAM, and video card to play Age of Conan with the DX 10 settings fully cranked. I have a budget of $1000.00. I do not need a case or a hard drive. I am not sure what to go with in terms of Nvidia vs. ATI for video cards, or Intel vs. AMD for a processor. I have had good experiences with both companies for a video card or a processor over the years. My current system is an Intel socket 775 e6400, MSI mobo, and 4GBS of Gskill RAM, running on Windows 7 64 bit. My video card is an ATI 4850 which was upgrade from a Nvidia 7800 back in the day. I have a 630 watt power supply. I am completely opened minded to any recommendations and help that you could suggest for a great gaming rig.
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  1. You could really just upgrade your processor and get a new video card. Under $500 and you'd be set.
  2. So I could go with an intel e8500 with my board and an ATI 5770. How does that sound?
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