So i recently built a new system for my self

AMD Pheom II x4 955
ATI HD 5670

Everything was going fine till i started having problems with sleepmode of death and my games crashing. Concerning the game crashes it was weird because the game would just freeze and become pixelated then close out to the desktop. After this would happen my other games and images in my web browser would experience the same issue also my sound would also become distorted when ever i opened a game. However my desktop and stuff like start menu were just FINE i was able to restart my comp without having to do a force shutdown. A restart would fix it. So after this i decided to try some things

Things i tried
RAM- Checked it for errors ( Came back fine)
CPU Checked Bent pins ( they were fine... No problems on POST)
OS ( Formated and reinstalled Windows)
Video Card ( Temps are fine i even put this card into another system and it ran fine also i reinstalled drivers)

After all this i decided to just RMA the board for a replacement

that was about 2weeks ago

Since then i have received my new mobo and everything went good but when i installed Windows SP1 my problems resurfaced. So i googled my problem and apparently other ppl were havng problems with games crash due to programs like EVGA Precision and MSI Afterburner. So then i figured well maybe SP1 and Asus EPU were the problem so i uninstalled the Windows 7 SP1 and everything is stable. However i would like to get rid of ASUS EPU i have read disturbing complaints about it making systems very unstable. But i dont know what to use in place of it(i uninstalled it but my CPU heatsink and fan was really really really loud like 3500rpms). I saw some settings in my BIOS like Asus Q fan but im not sure how well they would work. If anyone has any experience with ASUS boards or EPU any advice on what to do would be nice
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  1. Anyone have any idea if Asus Q fan is better than ASUS EPU?
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