My system get hot after an hour of playing of some leves of Crysis. What a good

I have a Velocity Micro Edge 230 Gaming system.

•CPU- i5 750 w/standard box certified fan.
•NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 PCI ex16.
•6 GB of PC13333.
•Windows 7 Home Pr -64bit.
•Aluminum Mid - Tower ATX Case w/ Mod window.
•Mother Board- Intel DP55WB.

When I play intense battle scenes on Crysis (1st) my system, after an hour or so, it gets hot and shuts down (twice). My thinking is the fan is sub-par, or maybe the VGA (it’s the size of a brick and takes up two slots) needs additional cooling? Any advice on a reasonable cooling solution without liquid cooling?
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  1. How hot does it get? Get a program and monitor it.
    It could be the PSU, but heat is likely also.
  2. Not sure, I'll look for a program, Thanks
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