HD radeon 5830 not recognized in system

I just bought a new HIS HD Radeon 5830, when I plug the card in, it is recognized in the device manager as a "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". When trying to install the drivers from the included HIS disc, it will get so far as to let me click install, and then nothing happens. Any help is much appreciated.

Running Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. Thank you for the response, however, i tried this with just the display drivers and the catalyst suite with the same outcome.
  2. Try again now by booting windows into safe mode prior to install. It might be software issue something as stupid as virus protection not letting you finish the install.
  3. Just tried this with the same result again. Also disabled the Windows firewall for good measure.

    The only other thing that it will do is every so often it will come up with an error telling me that Windows has detected that the program encountered an error and to try re-installing with recommended compatibility settings, and has done this on both the display drivers and the catalyst suite.
  4. Maybe a repair install of windows will sort out the problem. The other thing is have you properly uninstalled the drivers for your old GPU? It is recommended to run driver sweeper http://www.guru3d.com/category/driversweeper/ if you are having issues like yours
  5. Ran drive sweeper to, once again, the same result. A friend of mine also asked about uninstalling the drivers from the old GPU (which was an onboard Radeon 3300). However, when I have the 5830 in, no other display adapters show up other than the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". Have tried disabling and uninstalling this driver, but still having the same results. As far as the old drivers are concerned, is there something insanely simple there that I am just missing?
  6. Both cards being ATI they run the same drivers. The only thing I can think of is did you uninstall the onboard in device manager before putting in the discrete card? (I think this is a windows problem not a hardware problem)
    Most if not all modern motherboards auto detect if a Discrete card is installed and make it a primary GPU.
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