Intel vs samsung SSD

hi there guys, i have decided to get an SSD and so far i have narrowed it down to intel 330 120gb and samsung 830 128gb.
both are the same price, i just want to get the better one. which would you recommend? and if not one of these then which other would you recommend. please keep in mind that i do not want more than 128gb as i cannot afford any more than that.
samsung 830 -
intel 330-

i also found this one
it is quite a bit cheaper.
could somebody with some knowledge on this help me out.
i dont mind paying extra 8 pounds for intel or samsung if it means better quality and warranty.
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  1. i like Samsung more :P
  2. crisan_tiberiu said:
    i like Samsung more :P

    any reason?
  3. Either the intel or the samsung would be a good choice. It doesn't really matter. Both are highly reliable and fast.

    My vote goes to the samsung drive for the little bit of extra storage and performance.
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