Corsair 400CX power Phenom II 965 + GTX 460?

Will a Corsair 400CX power supply have any issues with Phenom II x4 3.4 ghz 965 + GTX 460? Link below.

I do not plan on overclocking anything. I did a bunch of research and I've read there aren't any issues powering the GTX 460 with my PSU. However, I just got a deal for the Phenom II 965 chip and wanted to know if this chip will make a huge difference and if I'm still ok.
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  1. How many hard drives and fans do you have, also what is your ram configuration?

    You should be fine, but you would be pushing it really close. (If it was anything except a high end brand it wouldn't work).
  2. I have one hard drive and just one fan. I have an Antec 300 so it would be one fan on top that came with the case. I'll probably add one more fan on the side. I didn't buy the ram yet but I plan on picking up the g.skill ripjaw 2x2gb 1600. As I mentioned no OCing on anything.

    I originally just planned on getting the Athlon II x3 3.0 ghz 440 chip which was only 76.99. But I found a fellow on CL that was selling the Phenom II 965 brand new in box for $120. How could I say no...Anyways, I really hope I don't have to get a new psu since I've already added the additional $40 for the cpu. Will my computer get wrecked if I just try it with all the pieces?
  3. Yeah you should be fine.
  4. Helltech said:
    Yeah you should be fine.

    I edited my first post, does everything still look ok? And will I wreck my computer at all say if my psu wasn't good for it?
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    No you won't wreck it.

    From all of the total system consumptions I've read you will be fine.

    That should allieviate your worries.
  6. Helltech said:
    No you won't wreck it.

    From all of the total system consumptions I've read you will be fine.

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