ZT Affinity 7388ma ?

Is this system any good at $699 ?

I'm not much of a gamer, generally use the computer for serving video (upnp) to my Xbox, and at same time browsing the web (with some grease monkey scripting) and/or word processing .

Been ages since I bought a system; Last time I built my own AMD Athlon 64 3500+ based system, and was reasonably happy, until of course it started bogging down while running my upnp server (ushare), and at the same time browsing. I didn't bother upgrading the RAM as DDR1 just seemed ridiculously expensive and, the Asus Motherboard I was running (a8V-e deluxe) seemed to have bad USB 2.0 (Both XP and Ubuntu couldn't properly connect devices in 2.0 mode, was required to disable 2.0 the bios and run in 1.1), also when researching this I recall there was a huge forum complaining about a design flaw in early versions of this board that affected USB. Unfortunately ASUS also dropped the ball in giving any one with a bad board (a lot of us) support. At any rate I had no desire to buy anything for a 5 year old putzy motherboard that couldn't be carried to a new system later on.

What ultimately makes me looking at systems today is the motherboard fried last night.

Since this is a significant upgrade, I figured to get a whole new system, and, I just don't want to put something together any more (I have not kept up to date on what is good or not, and clearly I have reason not to trust Asus any more which I used to just assume to be reliable). I'll pull my HD's out of the old box and put them in the new system (as needed).

Any advice, are these ZT Affinity guys any good? Is this AMD 1055T 6 core processor worth it? It seems of all things Intel I3 and I5's are in the same price line on similarly configured systems (gave or take $100).
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  1. Sorry, I should have at least posted a link to it:

    Also for sale at sears, where I guess I can use Bing Cash Back:
  2. Should work fine for your purposes. However, the system uses older ddr2 memory and the power supply is rather weak at 350w. Processor is good, i'd read up on some manufacturer reviews before i bought it though.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Now that I've had a weekend to think about it, I'm thinking I might just go and swap out my motherboard/CPU/RAM and power supply from my existing system and save a few bucks. Might need a new CPU cooler as I'm not even sure if the physical size of modern chips differ from that of the AMD Athlon 64's of 2004/5.
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