Sapphire hd 5770 no video

hello all,

i have been trying for over 3 hours to get this to work using the few suggestions i have been able to find but so far i still get no video from my new 5770. i press the power and everything starts working, the fans on the cpu, case, and videocard but i get to video signal.

i have set it in the mobo multiple times, i have checked and rechecked all power plugs and connectors, i have tried on 3 different monitors, my onboard video and current videocard(7600nvidia) still work fine.

i am trying anything i can before returning it for a new one incase something is wrong on my end. i am thinking my mobo might not be able to handle the higher end card but it should still work from what other forums have said, just not as well as it can.

4x1 gigs of kingston ram ddr2 pc2-5300 333mhz
C2SBA supermicro mobo (1.2a bios, which is up to date)
intel core 2 duo E8400 3.0ghz
7600gt nvidia geforce 256ram(current)
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  1. The board should be fine. What chipset is it?

    Also, what is your PSU?

    Are there any beep codes (do you have a speaker)?
  2. intel G33

    ultra lsp 750pro

    i do have a speaker and it doesnt play any beeps aside from one long note when i boot up for the first time after unplugging the power supply. so no beeps that are useful.
  3. The six pin power is plugged in (sorry had to ask), correct?

    Also, does the computer just sit there with fans spinning?

    Tried both video outputs?

    Does it look like it is accessing the hard drive?
  4. yes i used both 6pins to make sure one isnt issue.

    no, it seems like it is booting up. HD clicks and throttles, fans run and mobo lights work. i sounds the same as when it boots into windows with my current videocard.

    yes. hdmi to hdmi. hdmi to dvi. vga to dvi(using a vga to dvi converter). i unplugged my monitor in between trying all of these as some forum said that may help, it didnt help me. i also used a 2nd monitor, vga to dvi(using a vga to dvi converter) and that didnt work.

    yes. as i stated above, it does seem to boot into windows.
  5. Does it ever actually get to the point were it plays "windows music"? Can you try blind logging in (wait a while, type your password, press enter)?
  6. i just checked it and no it doesnt load into windows. no intro music plays.
  7. Then I'd recommend starting the RMA process. I think you've put a more than reasonable amount of testing in, now swapping parts is the next step (in other words, RMAing the GPU for another).
  8. ya i figured. just wanted to see if i missed something.. really been waiting to play BFBC2 without lagchoking nonstop. now it will be another week or longer. :??:

    plus this makes me 4 for 4 needing to RMA the original videocard i get sent. i dont know how often they are sent out bad but seems like quite a bit.
  9. One other thing you might try is boot using the onboard and delete all of the Nvidia GPU drivers then switch it back to using the generic VGA driver - put in the 5770 and try booting again(could be a driver conflict in windows if it is trying to load the Nvidia drivers instead of autodetecting the ATI card --- I know my 5770 gets autodetected as an old Nvidia FX57xx series card on a couple of older games by mistake so it could be that windows thinks it is a NVIDIA card and is trying to load the Nvidia video driver instead of seeing it as a new card and installing the ATI drivers !!)
  10. i did delete the nvidia drivers, didnt help.
  11. Did you ever get it to work? I'm having the same issue with my C2SBA and HD 5750.
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