Computer not POSTing when I edit bios

I'm trying to get the desktop loaded up on a computer I'm working on, when I try to make the dvd drive the 1st boot device the computer will not display anything. I tried removing the battery and jumper, after doing that it just sets the floppy to the 1st drive, and its just a non stop cycle. Something else is that it used to tell me there was a CPU fan error, now I'm not getting one
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  1. It doesn't automatically boot from the DVD drive if no HDD is installed?
  2. I'll try and see if it does, but what good will that do?

    Edit : I took out the battery and the jumper for 10 minutes and after I replaced them and booted, the computer went to the desktop, I rebooted it and the same problems started
  3. Oh, I thought you were trying to install an OS. How old is the PC and how long had it been working before it started acting up?
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