Please help me with my DVD-RW

Hello, im new to this website.
I just bought a new dvd rw drive. Its a Liteon drive, idk what model. :/
My problem is that, when I insert either a cd OR dvd, into my drive, and i open my drive from my computer, some of the files are missing in the cd. this one time I opened a cd and only had ONE file... some blablabla.tmp file... if all of the files DO show up onto the cd... its corrupted :( any ideas?
also. in my computer it shows as DVD-RAM
in device manager : (i took pics)
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  1. I would first start to see that you have the newest chipset drivers for your mb. if you dont the cd-rom might not read right.
    the other issue could be a filter issue in windows.
  2. I got a biostar mobo: model: P4m890-m7 TE
  3. BUMP!!! i need help!!! :O i installed latest drivers for my chipset, still nothing changed!!

    *EDIT*:: I forgot to mention, my previous drives were IDE...then i took out all the ide cables and i bought a sata drive and sata cables...idk if bios gotta change something ???
  4. when u burn something, always burn at a very slow speed. Try burning some files at a slow speed and see the results. Which burning software r u using. Try using another software. Also change ur sata cable and ur sata port.

    In Windows XP , there r issues regarding DVD drive. Like ur case it also sometimes showed up as DVD-RAM instead of DVD-RW while i was using XP. Cant remember how i fixed that?
  5. dude... did I say im having trouble burning? no no...i havent tried burning anything Yet..dont have any blank cds.. and the cds i got arent burnt from me i bought em... it worked before on my older drives (not working now)
  6. Maybe it is attacked by virus. Try this freeware : http://freeware-recovery.blogspot. [...] overy.html
    It can help to resolve your problems. The software is designed to recover data loss due to format, deletion, FAT fault, system corruption and many other unrecognized reasons. Just have a try.
    It is professional yet simple. You don't need to be an expert. The page you open will tell you how to do.
    Good luck!
  7. that site doesnt even open dude... >.<
  8. i carried the drive back to where i bought it..he testd...and it works..
    he said i have a software configuration problem
    any ideas toms hardware peeps?
  9. Install the drive to a different sata port. Windows should redetect the drive and load the appropriate drivers automatically.
  10. none of those worked..
    i fixed it!!!! :D
    repair installation of windows fixed it :)
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