12 v dc power supply

Can someone recommend a good 12 volt DC power supply to run a small desktop pc in a car?
I am thinking about building the computer into the car and dont want to go from 12v dc to 110 ac and back down.
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  1. Hello frenchsquared;
    That website Timop mentions also has a section for Auto PC PSUs.
    Take a peek in there for some "Smart Car PC Power Supplies"
  2. thanks guys. That site is great. I didnt know they made stuff like that.

    Has anyone put a pc in there car? How do you deal with turning the computer on and off? Can you make it power down when the car is turned off or do you set it to hibernate?

    Has anyone tried to make the computer control stuff like power windows?
  3. Computerized control of power windows seems like a solution looking for a problem. :)

    Why bother?
  4. Just cause. The Fuel injection is already computer controlled. Would be easy to make the stereo computer controlled. I was just thinking it would be cool to basically make the hole truck computer controlled.
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