Balanced system? Anything to add?

Here’s my list of things to buy. I am going to use my pc for movies, HD tv via website, heavy Excel number crunching and RTS gaming.

Could anyone let me know:

1. Is this a balanced system?
2. Are there any compatibility issues?
3. Is there anything I should add (e.g. thermal paste, ssd etc?), or amend?

CPU: Phenom II X4 955 - ₤135

Mobo: Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Socket AM3 - ₤113

RAM: G-Skill 4GB 1600 CL7 - ₤102

GPU: HD 5830 - ₤165

PSU: Antec TruePower New Blue Modular 750W - ₤83

CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS9900A-LED PWM Socket 1156 1366, 775, AM2+, 754, 939 Tunnel Flower Cooler - ₤44

HDD x 2: Samsung Spinpoint F3 (HD103SJ) x 2 - ₤110

What’s the best small storage SSD for a reasonable price?

ODD – DVD writer: Samsung Black SH-S223 22X - ₤14

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64-bit 1pk - ₤79

Case: Lian-Li PC-B25FWB (with window) - ₤171

Monitor: 24" Viewsonic VA2413WM Widescreen LCD 1920 x 1080, 16:9, 5MS -₤134

Building tools: Anti-static wrist band – as yet to be found.

Total: ₤1150

I need to buy the build VERY soon.
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  1. mods: please delete this thread as it is no longer applicable. I am now going for an i7 instead. I will be back with a new thread about that.
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    Looks solid to me.
    I would change the cpu cooler to this which is much better imo.
  3. aha, brilliant. thanks. I will amend my purchase to get that. It's got blue LEDs, right?

    I've now chosen to go for an i7 as it's only 119UKP more and I've been advised that it's worth it.
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  5. Mate don't buy the Extreme for lighting.
    The Quiet is the superior cooler.
    The Extreme is not on this very repuatable list the Quiet is for good reason.
    Also a quote from the Quiet's review at SPCR
    The CNPS10X line failed to impress us until we tested this Quiet version. The CNPS10X Quiet easily outpaced both the Flex and Extreme, especially with our reference fan at 7V. The wider fin spacing obviously gives it a big edge when paired with a low speed fan as that is the Quiet's most notable difference compared to the other members of the CNPS10X family.
    It's the best of the lot from Zalman.
    Don't sacrifice cpu cooling for lighting.
    You can always add a high-quality lit fan to it later.
    It's ultimately your choice i'm just trying to steer you in the right direction on this one.
  6. Nice one mate. Have just changed my order to the Quiet (edit - changed again to Scythe mugen 2 - taken from silentpc list) version. Just out of curiosity.

    The prolima magahalems (or something) was highly recommended to me (and I see it's on the link you sent). Would you personally go for a prolima mehagalems or the Zalmans CNPS10x quiet (or the Scythe Mugen 2)? none of the suppliers I ordered from have the mehagelems in stock.
  7. The Mugen 2 is very good and comes with a silent fan.
    It also has the option of mounting another fan on it.
    Keep in mind this cooler is big, it can be a pain to install.
    The Zalman Quiet isn't quite so large but has no support for a second fan.
    The Megahalems is nice but you would have to purchase a fan also since it comes without fans.
    If you can source a Thermalright Venomous-X RT it comes with a quiet fan and very high quality thermal compound.And you can add another fan.
    Its performance is only 1C more then the Megahalems and is placed either 2nd or 3rd for best aircooler currently availiable.
    Imho you can't go wrong with any of them.
    Personally i would just buy whatever one is cheapest.
    They are all top-end performers with quiet fans.
    Search reviews of them to find which ones have the most trouble free installations.
    It's critical that you do since some coolers will interfere with dimm slots and memory
    module heights.
    Sometimes the closest dimm slot could be rendered unusable by the cooler.
    If it's a close fit and all the dimms can be used, sometimes the ram height can intefere with the fan mounting.
    This can usually be remedied by sliding the fan up a few mm.
    Of all the coolers you're interested in the Scythe could be the most troublesome in this regard.
    Honestly though if you can source a CM Hyper 212+ i think it would be your best bet.
    For a first time build i guarantee it will be easy to install and problem free regarding your dimms and ram.
    And performance wise it can hold its own with coolers costing twice as much.
    Just add a high-quality silent fan to replace the stock one later.Blue LED if you want.
  8. I've already received the Mugen 2 - now I've got a problem with the case and will probably end up buying it from OCUK, I could always add the CM Hyper 212+ or the ThermalRight Venomous-X RT. However I would have to pay to return the Mugen 2 to Doesn't feel like it's worth it. Is it?

    I read a review on the Mugen 2, but am finding it difficult to find how it is on the mobo I've got: GA-X58A-UD3R. Only found one answer to a question on whether they're compatible. The question was found here on TH forums. So still looking.
  9. You'll still have the same issue with the Venomous and your case.
    Easiest way to resolve your problem is too buy an Antec 300 or a CM 690.
    They've already sent you the wrong case so in my opinion that is your best option.
    Both cases are very high quality and have superior air-flow.
    I think this will help you since it's your first build.
  10. I've decided to keep the case and buy a side panel later. Am sad that scan will be getting my money for it as their service has been very unprofessional. Not good. That's me being kind.

    So...I've another question... I do not have a quality thermal compound at my disposal (unless the scythe one turns out to be the elixir - but the sachet is unlabelled - unlikely). I also have the Spire 700 which is 2.3 degrees (not sure if it's F or C) above the arctic silver 5 compound.

    I want to get on and build the pc before it becomes too long after the delivery date. Therefore if any of the parts are dead I can return them in time with (hopefully) little hassle. however this means I have no recognised brand of thermal compound.

    I have applied to receive the diamond from the giveaway so I'm guessing that applying the paste is not a once only event. Is this correct?

    If it really is important for me to get a quality thermal compound then I suppose I should.

    But what if any/many of my parts are broken?! Is the gain in quality compound worth that risk? I'm guessing if there are any parts broken it'll take me quite some time to diagnose.

    I blame for wasting so much of my time, unnecessarily too.

    Thanks Davcon. I've added the link to the build advice and will read tonight (as I build my pc - unless the I should get a quality thermal paste that is). After the soccer/football ;)
  11. It's pretty standard for hardware temperature results to be in C.

    There are some pastes that wear out over a period and are optimized for reapplication every so often. Others are designed to last a long time and perform well for that longer period. I don't know which pastes go into which category; you'd have to do a LOT of reading to find out.

    I think you should get on and use the Spire700. As it would give you something to compare the IC Diamond to if you get a tube of it. The Spire700 probably would be acceptable for an OC, but you can just use it or even the included Scythe stuff just to get rid of that and test your components without an OC.

    The cheapest SSD that I'd recommend firstly would be the Intel X25-V 40GB £98 Which would pretty much be enough for Windows 7 and not much else. Someone on this forum tried to inform me that this would perform the same as two HDDs in RAID which would provide much more storage. So... However two of these in RAID will beat the @#$! out of even the fastest SSDs. Intel drives have proved to be the most reliable in not failing.
    For £2 more the Corsair Reactor 60GB has a significant amount more space. I haven't read a review of this drive, but other Corsair Indilinx drives seem to be quite popular because of good and resilient performance - this isn't an Indilinx drive. The next one is the Crucial M225 64GB which is well tested drive by now, so is unlikely to fail in anyway and will keep it's performance level quite high. Probably a bit late for SSD recommendations tho eh ;).
  12. With advice from my pal, I'm gonna have a partition in the drives and install Win7 on one of them. Then, when I get an SSD I'll remove Win7 from it and install it onto the SSD. thanks tho - it's always great to get good advice. I'll consider doing SSD RAID in future once I've learnt about RAID!

    Thanks for the advice on the paste too - now I've got no excuses to procrastinate any longer :needs the loo:
  13. Not too late for SSDs. Am fluctuating continuously whether I should get one or not!!!!

    Am planning to do RAID to create a mirror image of the other HDD in case I lose it for whatever reason.

    So then the prospect of getting an SSD is all the more tantalising since my RAID won't speed up the OS (I think?)
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