7200 or 5400rpm for my USB 3.0 Enclosure?

Ok i recently got a free seagate 500 gb 7200 rpm 2.5 internal HDD.

I decided to replace the HDD from my 2009 macbook pro which had a 250gb hitachi 5400 rpm HDD.

Today, i got a free 2.5 USB 3.0 HDD enclosure and i cant decided if i want to put the old mac 5400 HDD or take out the bigger 500gb 7200 rpm to put into the enclosure or would it be more suited to stay in my macbook?

Im not a guy that uses his EXT HDD everyday, but i do plan on putting movies and music on there with occasional files/backups.

I currently dont have any computers with USB 3.0 drives as of right now so i believe the 2.0 ports would bottle neck, correct?
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  1. You won't get "bottlenecking" unless you fit USB 3.0 drives into the enclosure, in which case the USB 2.0 ports on your PC would cause it.

    Since you don't have any USB 3.0 drives, bottlenecking does not apply.
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