Teach me how to setup speaker creative inspire t7900 7 1

what should i do first? i don't know how to use it? Please help me, thanks alot.
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  1. "We have managed to place all 7 speakers around my sons bunk bed/under desk unit, even hiding all the cables. I can't imagine fitting this 7.1 speaker set into our sitting room though, as I just couldn't live with all the trailing black speaker leads. See Creative.com's website for the speaker sizes. Other than that the only downside - and it's a biggy - is that the four standard RCA mini-jack lines into the subwoofer unit combine to just three for the PC's motherboard/soundcard sockets (colour-labelled 1, 2, & 3 to match a PCI Creative X-Fi sound card). This means that the supplied cable simply won't work with most on-board PC sound that have the standard 4 output jacks for the respective speakers position. I wish Creative could have included a converter cable to split the jacks input correctly as it is hardly an unforeseen problem. I have had to buy a few stereo jack leads to bypass the supplied one, which has now got all the speakers working. Our motherboard integrated sound is 7.1 but you can switch the woofer/control unit to upmix from 5.1 and 6.1 sound cards - but I don't how succesful it is (even 7.1 sound can be hit and miss with a stereo signal as the source, particularly with an on-board sound chip and driver). If the 7.1 upmix and EAX sound has problems, don't automatically blame the speakers - in our case it has always seemed to be poorly written soundcard drivers. "

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