What motherboard is compatible with Amd phenom 2 x6 processor with ddr2

I'm looking for the best compatible motherboard with ddr2 to go with an AMD Phenom II X6
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  1. Hello peterf1984;

    Take a good look at the MSI 790XT-G45.
  2. And it looks like ASRock A790GMH and ASUS M4A77D support the Thubans as well.
  3. I think that the Gigabyte MA790FX-UD5P, with the latest bios as well..:)
  4. As dokk2 said, make sure you flash the board with the latest BIOS to increase you chance of success, no matter what make the board.
  5. Asus M4A78-E (if you can find it), not the M4A78T-E
  6. peterf1984 said:
    I'm looking for the best compatible motherboard with ddr2 to go with an AMD Phenom II X6

    Thanks for getting back to me on that peoples, but there was one thing i was not specific on. I need the motherboard to be uATX or mATX (dim. 9.6in x 9.6in). Anymore feedback will be appreciatated. Thank you.
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  8. I'm doing this because my motherboard in my Compaq Presario SR1965AN died or what was most likely the motherboard. I'm wondering if it was a power surge, that, if my ram and video card may be dead also?

    I have 4gb ddr2 ram and an ECS GeForce 9600GT and would not be happy if having to replace them with new stuff due to finanical reasons.

    Plus if there is any motherboards in the size i'm needing that doesn't have integrated graphics would be appreciated.

    Although if the video card is ok then would it work or clash with the on-board graphics controller from some of these mobo's referred or would i need an nVidia type mobo to be compatible. Or how do i disable the on-board graphics controller.

    Sorry to be a pain in the neck but i want to get it right first time round and I value the wisdom of people in the know to do this rebuild properly as this is my first time.
  9. If you're looking for a gaming build the X4 955 is probably a better (and less expensive) option for you.
    The only way to know if a power surge took out your RAM and video card is to test them.
    No problem with using the 9600GT in a 785G with integrated graphics.
    You won't need to disable the onboard HD 4200 IGP to use your 9600GT.
  10. All the components will work fine together as long as the power surge didn't kill any other parts. Do remember that most likely you will need to get a new copy of windows because the copy that came with your Compaq is coded to work only with the Compaq motherboard, also you may run into some problems making the front panel connections too since Compaq uses their own connector specifically for their motherboard. Besides those two things everything else should work without a problem.
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  12. Thanks to everyone for your support and info as i've made my formal decision. It was somewhat hard to find the particular motherboard (Asus M4A785-M) here in Australia, as it's apparently at the end of its run of make (thats what i was told!)

    Now heres the funny part, the motherboard in the Compaq didn't die, the battery on it did, so I replaced it and wouldn't you know, it works!
    But the stupid thing is, I broke some pins on the original CPU (AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+), now i'd also like to know IF an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ would be compatible with this particular motherboard (Asus A8M2N-LA or as its also known as HP/Compaq motherboard name: NodusM3-GL8E) ?

    This is the OPN tray no: ADO5200IAA5DO for that particular AMD Athlon 64X2 5200+ processor, found on ebay Australia.
    I know from the hp support website that the mobo can handle up to the 5000+ but another website i've seen reckons one can run up to a 6400+ version of this CPU with an update to the BIOS on that mobo.

    All your feedback has been helpful and appreciated and more support and info for this other dilemma will be greatly appreciated, too. Thank you.
  13. It looks like it should be able to - maybe with a BIOS upgrade - based on what people are saying in HP forums and
    on <-- check the remarks here.
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