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Hi, I currently have 4gb or ram in 2x2gb sticks.
They are these:

I was looking to get an additionaly 8gb or ram and was wondering if this ram would work together with it:

If these rams would work properly together or not is what I want to know, and if not, what 2x4gb ram can i get that will work with my old ram properly. If that cant happen should I just upgrade to the 2x4gb sticks and sell the old 2x2gb sticks?

Thanks community :D
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  1. It is likely that they would work together but I would just go with the 2 x 4GB and sell the old 2 x 2GB. You could use that as a backup plan if they don't work together.
  2. what I'm worried about is the different voltages. The ram i have now is at 1.65v, and the other ram is at 1.6v. Would that cause any issue?
    If it wont work together would I see a big difference between the 2.4gb ram i showed and this ram:
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    I am sure they would both work on 1.65volts which would be fine with the 1.6volt ram
  4. alright so final question then would be should i go for the 12gb or ram using what i have, just use the first set of ram i mentioned or just use the 2nd set i mentioned?
  5. I personally would be happy with 8GB like stated before!
  6. Alright, thank you so much.
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  8. Q - What MOBO?

    1600 7-8-7-24-2N @ 1.60v 2X4GB
    1600 7-8-7-24-2N @ 1.65v 2X2GB
    1600 7-8-7-24-2N @ 1.65v 12GB

    The sets shouldn't have a problem, I would update your BIOS as a precaution especially if a newer version states anything amount RAM or compatibility.
  9. This is the MOBO:

    I have checked frequently for update on the BIOS, and should currently be up to date.
  10. You really want at least F7 and if you going to Q-Flash then you might as well update F10 {latest}.
  11. yeah, everything is up to date so I should be fine.
  12. Good Luck!
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