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I have recently changed cases and I need to buy two SATA cables. One for my HD and one for my CD-ROM. I've read a lot of reviews on New Egg about SATA cables, most being negative reviews. Some of them break and others just don't work. And I noticed that some have higher transfer rates. If I buy a 3.0GBPS for my 7200RPM hard drive, would it improve performance? Would a higher transfer rate cable improve performance for my CD-ROM also?
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    No, HDDs barely utilize the full bandwidth of SATA1.0. Just buy the cheapest cables or find some you have left over in a Mobo box.
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  3. It depends if the drive runs fast as advertised i just bought a 2TB seagate drive 1TB platters i was getting 90 write 110 reads i changed the cable to sata 2 it went up to 210 read 208 write. I did 3 different benchmarks from 1x to 2x its a big boost makes the system feel more snappier and responsive.
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