Video card fan problems

The fan on my video card keeps going on and off every 10 seconds or so. This has only started happening recently, and nothing drastic has been done to the computer. It wasn't moved to a different location that would cause it to overheat. All of my cores are running below 40C.

It makes a very loud humming sound as well when the fan turns back on, and then goes to silence when it shuts off. I'm not sure what would cause the fan to turn on and turn off. It also does this during games as well which is making me worried because I am sure it is running way too hot. I have crashed once since this problem began and i'm sure its because the video card is overheating.

The video card itself is an ATI Radeon HD 4890.

If anyone could help me solve this problem I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Have you tried cleaning the fan? Dust may be blocking it.
  2. Hmmm, do what I had to do to my GTX 275, take it apart and refresh the TIM, put on some new AS5, and clean the beast whilst you have it apart..:)
  3. Quote:
    All of my cores are running below 40C

    Your video card has cores??

    no obviously not. They are my processor cores, I was giving their temperatures as a reference to show that they weren't the reason I was crashing.

    Lmeow said:
    Have you tried cleaning the fan? Dust may be blocking it.

    From what I can see there is no visable dust when I open the case and look at the video card, I will try this however.

    Does anyone know of a problem simmilar to this? I cannot find anyone that has had a problem where their video card fan turns on and off.
  4. Quote:
    A video card fan turning on and off every 10 seconds and a humming sound would have absolutely nothing to do with your cpu core temperatures.

    You need to check your gpu temps, not your cpu temps and report them.

    Likely either your case is clogged with dust or your video cards fan and heatsink are clogged causing them to overheat.

    Don't get so caught up on me giving my cpu core temperatures. The video card itself is running at around 100 degrees since this problem started, even at idle, which I already know is way too hot, even for an ATI radeon 4890. If the fan were on at all times like its reporting it would be running at a much cooler temperature.

    I have cleaned the inside of the computer, it is certainly not dust. There is hardly any visible dust whether it be inside the case or by the video card fan.

    The overheating is caused by the video card fan not working properly, that is already established, but what I want to know is WHY the video card fan is shutting off every 10 seconds and then turning back on and then shutting down again. It is not dust.
  5. Quote:
    Well you failed to mention in your first post anything about your gpu temps, which obviously is your problem, however for some strange reason you reported your cpu temps......

    Anyways, have you tried manually setting your fan to a speed that you like??

    Yes I have, and all that happens is the fan speed slows down when it is actually on. Like for example, if I set it to 50%, the fan will turn on at 50% speed, shut off, turn on at 50% speed, etc. It is being reported in Catalyst Control Center at 100% at all times.

    Another strange thing, is that when the computer turns on the fan seems to stay on for about 5-10 min, then after that point it begins to turn off and turn on, very strange. As soon as it starts happening the temperatures begin climbing from around 80 degrees to 100+, at which point I just turn off the computer to prevent problems.
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