Mount Noctua NH-D14 on ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe

Hi! i just wish to know if i can mount an Noctua NH-D14 on ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe. And If will enter fully in the Cooler Master Cosmos S case. Tjank u very much.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Fitting the Noctua NH-D14 in the case is not the concern, it will fit in the CM Cosmos S, the real concern is the height with the RAM {44mm max}.

    I am not a Noctua NH-D14 fanboy, look at the Thermaltake Frio or Prolimatech Megahalems. If your goal is to run above 4GHz then look at water unless you're deaf.
  2. so u say that i must look for an little cooler?
    cause i will buy an Intel Core i7-870 2.93GHz and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
  3. i will not make any oc cause i dont want to make oc
  4. Based on above, it makes zero sense for you to get any after market CPU Fan. The 'Stock' CPU Fan works fine with NO OC. The Noctua NH-D14 is 100% meant for people who want to OC their CPU ~4GHz+ verses 2.93GHz.

    If you 'might' OC a little; Cooling + Low Noise:
    $48 Thermaltake Frio -
    $80 Corsair H60 -
    $62 Corsair H50 -
  5. thanks my friend ;)
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