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Hello all, i got this hard drive a couple of months ago and it is scaring me, i am hitting 48 after running bf3 for an 1 hour, and once it did hit 68c° after installing bf3 and deffragging it right away.
I am not using any fans on my case since i don't have cash right now, but i am keeping the case open so that the hot air goes out, can anyone tell me what is the max temp for this HDD? its a WD 2500JS i believe. and any way how to keep it not too hot?
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  1. Actually having the case open can make the hard drive hotter. The air flow in a case should come in the front (often under the bottom of the front panel) over the hard drives and then over the motherboard and out of the back of the computer. If you are not getting this air flow then the hard drives can get warm. If because of the construction of the case you are not getting this air flow then you may wish to fit a hard drive fan.

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