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So i wasn't sure where to put this topic so i just put here so anyway. My microphone will not work on my PC and it has onboard audio so i have no sound card anyhow but yet it works on my dad's laptop. Its a Razor carcharias my headset works on my pc yet my mic does not work but it works perfectly fine on my dad's laptop WHY!! HELP!!@!@!@!
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  1. Check the settings on the control panel. If it's Realtek's, the Microphone's volume control should be easy to find.

    If it works on your dad's laptop, then I assume you're familiar with the connection.
  2. i did and when i try to set up my microphone and the setups gives me a phase to say something, after a while it says it does not hear me. And i even tried sound recorder to record my voice i hear nothing but static. But it works fine with my dad's laptop. Is it possible that my onboard sound is not working for my microphone but would that make sense since my headset's headphones are working
  3. Hardware issues are the last thing you should consider in troubleshooting. Try reinstalling/updating the driver. Totally uninstall the old driver, then install the latest available.

    Updating the driver means you need to erase all traces from the previous driver, to avoid any problem legacy issues (whatever that means... lol). Use an advanced unistaller program like Your uninstaller, Revo, etc. Then reboot and use Driver Sweeper to erase the old driver's leftovers. The rest is just a few clicks away...

    Good luck!
  4. hmm i didnt try that yet BUT my friends say themselves but can't hear me, on ventrilo if that could be of any help
  5. So using ventrilo means that you're using another audio driver,correct? Although I'm not familiar with the program.

    If that's the case,check the audio setting.Is the ventrilo can be set to your default mic driver. If it's not a driver,then it won't be available in the option box.

    The last option is to uninstall the ventrilo and see how it goes. I've had this kind of issue with the SRS Sanbox, uninstalling the software practically solved my problem.
  6. did that already i think my on board sound just broke .... lol i dont know what do anymore checked everything
  7. Can't really say that it's broke, since you can still have output signal for the speaker and headphone. Have you tried both front and rear panel mic input connector?
  8. Yep, you think if i reset my cmos it will fix??
  9. Your dads laptop uses a Aux input with a 4 pole Connection.
    This means that it has support for a Mic and a headset on one Aux cable.
    your pc does not support this Feature, you need a 4 pole Female Aux to 2x male 2 pole aux to separate the Audio Streams.

    Regards :D
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