X4 955 vs X4 965

x4 965

x4 955

Is the .2Ghz the only difference in these two CPUs? If so, would the 955 be the better buy for the money?
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  1. The 965 has a +1 cpu multiplier and is also batched higher (probably batched higher) I would go for the 955 get a decent cooler for 20-30 and overclock it abit. It will run cooler making life last longer. And it would get a higher clockrate.
  2. The 955 and 965 are the same chip and OC to pretty much the same level. Since both have unlocked multipliers you can get a 955 and just bump the multiplier up one to get yourself a 965 and save $20, if you want to OC get the 955 and drop that $20 plus a bit more into a nice cooler like the Hyper 212+(get it from amazon not newegg)
  3. How can you tell what the multiplier is? I'm new to all this.
  4. With AMD CPUs its super easy. All AMD systems use a 200MHz base clock, the CPU speed is the base clock times the multiplier, so a 3.2GHz AMD CPU has a 16x multiplier and a 3.4GHz CPU has a 17x multiplier.

    Intel core 2 systems are a bit more complex because there were different bus speeds, but AMD kept it nice and simple.
  5. So what exactly does the multiplier do? What does having an unlocked multiplier mean?
  6. MrMooky said:
    So what exactly does the multiplier do? What does having an unlocked multiplier mean?

    If u don't know anything abt overclocking, then leave it and get ur self a 965 BE.... it's better to give 20$ rather than getting headache of overclocking.... plus overclocking will void ur warranty too....and 965 has a reduced TDP than 955.....
    Good Luck...... :)
  7. What can you OC a 955 to without messing with voltage?
  8. On normal processors you cant change the multiplier you can only change the base clock, but since there are other systems that base their speed of the base clock it can be a little trickier to work with. Having an unlocked multiplier makes overclocking significantly easier, if you get a good cooler to go with it you just bump the multiplier up by one, check and see if its still stable, bump it up another one, check for stability, until you hit they point where its not stable any more, you can either increase the voltage a bit or drop the multiplier down one to where it was last stable.

    rohn_avni, the 955 and the 965 have the same TDP rating and if both are the C3 stepping the 955 will use less power.

    edit: you dont mess with voltage normally until you hit a speed that its not stable at its stock voltage, then you bump it up a bit to where it is.
  9. Rohn, I know I could just buy the $20 more CPU, but I wanna learn how to OC. You can't learn by avoiding it. ;p

    Really like the community on this site. Really helpful and polite.
  10. Since you want to OC and you will be getting one of those two then take a read through the BE OCing guide, it will give you an idea of how to do it before you get started.
  11. Just read that guide before I saw your post. Seems like OCing a CPU with an unlocked multiplier is pretty simple. Especially in case, where I don't intend to try to push the CPU too hard.

    Thanks for the help Hunter :)
  12. MrMooky said:
    What can you OC a 955 to without messing with voltage?

    It'll vary, not all chips overclock the same because they aren't 100% of the same quality.
  13. So to OC a CPU with an unlocked multiplier, do you only need to adjuste the multiplier? Or will you also need to change the FSB?
  14. You start with adjusting the multiplier and get as close as you can with that, you can then adjust the base clock to get the max OC out of your system but you can get to within 100MHz of your max OC without touching the base clock speed.
  15. if u have a asus mobo then there is a function called AI overclocking.... it will automatically overclock the cpu my margins... 5%, 10 % up to 25 %.... it is simple cause it's auto.... :)
  16. So if I'm thinking correctly, on an amd board, each 1x multiplier = 200mhz? So changing the FSB increases the amount up from the set 200mhz?
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