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Sony DSC F150 vs Fuji finepix F810

Last response: in Digital Camera
December 16, 2004 12:52:46 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

I need a good pocket size camera, and can not decide between two:
Sony F150 and Fuji F810.

Information collected so far:

Advantage Disadvantage
Sony: 2 year warranty Fuji: 1 year
Sony: better battery Fuji: weak battery
Sony: smaller and lighter Fuji: Slightly bigger (cca 2mm in each
Sony: 7 mp Fuji: 6 mp (doesn't really matter
to me)
Fuji: overcompressed jpg
Fuji: Better zoom range Sony: average zoom (38 - 114 mm equ)
(32.5 - 130 mm equ.)
Fuji: ISO 800 at 3 mp Sony: ISO 400
Fuji: Design (I prefer to Sony: design (lens in the left corner,
have lens in the middle) where to put my left hand?)

I am particulary interested in taking low-light photos without flash, and
also using manual focus.
While I know that some bigger prosumer camera would be better for this, But
my wife
wants a small camera (this is for family use)

Based also on good experience with Fuji F410, I am biased towards Fuji, but
would like to hear
from someone with personal experience.