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How do I remove the Managed Boot Agent feature from a Dell Dimension 2100? The 3Com Ethernet Card seems to override the BIOS/CMOS commands. It keeps wanting to boot to a network and won't boot to Hard Drive or CD ROM.
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  1. Change the boot options so that it looks for CD/HDD/FDD/NIC or just disable the NIC.
  2. Tried that but still can't get to boot from CD or HD. Setup Boot Options on "Restart/F2" are following: "Floppy, ARMD-FDD, ARMD-HDD, IDE-HD, ATAPI-CDROM,MBA UNDI (Bus 000 Slot00), and Disable". Don't know what ARMD means. Have only been able to boot to Floppy with MS-DOS boot files. When it does boot to Floppy, shows only A: drive, but shows invalid directory or drive for C:, D: (Probably because DOS does not read NTFS directories, right?) When I select MBA+++ boot device in boot options, it throws me into MBA options (PXE, Netware, etc.) NIC is not visible anywhere for me to change or disable it. Seems like I can't get past the BIOS/CMOS sending me to the network for an operating system.
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