ASUS ROG AI Suite II Low Voltage Warnings?

I own a ASUS Rampage III Formula mobo, and the software that came with it; AI Suite II is a handy monitoring and tweaking tool made to tweak BIOS settings from the OS. before my recent RAM and gpu upgrades and after its been giving me low voltage warnings for all things holy. To name a few,

Vcore voltage Low 0.001V
CPU PLL vlotage Low 0.00xxV
QPI/DRAM Core voltage low 0.00xx
IOH Voltage low

These are all monitored by the AI Suite II program that came with the mobo. The most common warnings are the DRAM Buss or QPI or IOH.

It happens every day usually when Im just idle on the windows on the internet or something. After it says its low, i go check it in the program, the sensor tab, and everything looks like its ok.

Currently I am seeing

CPU 1.356V
CPU PLL 1.812V
QPI/DRAM Core 1.415
IOH 1.133V
IOH PCIE 1.508
ICH 1.111V
DRAM Bus 1.561
3.3V 3.296
5V 5.070
12V 12.081
CPU 39.5 C
MB 37.0C

If it helps at all I used the CPU Level Up to OC my i7 950 to the i7 crazy setting of 3.7Ghz. Hopefully that helps you help me. Tnx in advance.
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  1. You might want to go to Asus website and see if there is a newer version of AI suit II.
  2. 3.7 isnt even close to a crazy setting on a i7 950, thats a slow stroll for those CPU's...

    I have not used this program but most monitoring programs give you the ability to set when it gives alerts. Looking at what you supplied, it looks like all of the thresholds are set to zero - which means you get alerts on everything.
  3. after having the same problem i found it was having to many probe apps polling the samething, i had uninstalled all apps that was checking voltage etc... and just kept ai suite II only and no more warnings. I'm using only the apps that came with my board for probing sensors. :non:
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