Is my hard drive DOA?

I recently completed a home-built PC which uses a 3TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive. I've noticed that, especially when the system is under some sort of load or is hot, the hard drive will occasionally make a clicking sound (usually one to three clicks in rapid succession - it's not loud, but definitely audible over the noise of my fans), which is sometimes accompanied by a series of quieter clicks in rapid succession. Is this a sign of a dud hard drive? I ran Seagate's Seatools utility and performed all of its tests, including a long test which is supposed to be a comprehensive scan of the entire drive and the drive passed. In addition, S.M.A.R.T. is not picking up anything abnormal with this drive. Should I be worried about the drive failing, or is this noise nothing out of the ordinary?

EDIT: I just realized that the case fan directly in front of the hard drive (on the bottom front of the case) has not been running. Could that be causing these noises? They did seem to be linked to case temperature. If so, does that mean a failing drive?
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  1. Do you still hear the noise with that fan not running?
  2. Unfortunately, the noise seems to be occurring both with and without the fan running. It's just loud enough that I can hear it while playing a game with headphones on, but the fan does seem to be making the noise occur less often. That may just be my imagination, though.
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