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Ultra LSP750 750w Power Supply

can this run dual gtx 260s?

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  1. Looks like it has a single 45A 12V rail, that is pretty weak for a supposed 750W unit. What else are you running in the system? A GTX 260 uses about 180W, so with two of them you are using up 360W from the 12V rail and your PSU only has 540W available so that only leaves 180W for the rest of the system which is a little tight, and with a 12V rail that weak i doubt the ultra can stand being run at full load so i dont recommend it. I suggest you look into a good 750W unit, like a Corsair 750TX, Antec TP-750, or an XFX 750w. They are all much more powerful than your 750W unit as they all have ~60A between their 12V rails.
  2. thanks very much for ur reply!
    Other than the gtx 260 im using now. I have just a disc drive hooked up.

    If it wouldnt be too much trouble could u link me a good website where i might be able to buy one of the recommened powersupplys that u mentioned?

  3. You can find them all on newegg.com, here are links to the three i mentioned

    XFX 750

    Antec TP-750

    Corsair 750TX

    The TP-750 looks like the best deal of the three right now, and its modular so you can disconnect some of the cables you dont need.
  4. ahh thanks alot for ur help! prolly saved me some money and some trubble right there!

    kudos to u.
  5. For reference, I run overclocked dual 260s and an overclocked 920 on the Corsair 750TX with 3 hard drives, and 8 fans without a hitch.
  6. Your power supply has more then enough power to run two 260's I wouldn't spend money on a new unit. Your power draw is only around 450 watts 500 max so 45 amps(540 watts) is more then plenty on the 12 volt to run your system.
  7. So the question is do you have enough. Saaiello says you do but look at what he wrote. He said you have 540W available and you'd use 500W max. 500W is what percent of 540? (93%) Do you really want to get so close to the limit while gaming? More so on a PSU that might not be able to handle such a load?
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