Haw can I use the [ x4 pci-e ] vga slot on my mainboard ??

hello guys ,

I have GA-MA785GT-UD3H with 2 pci-e slots (one at 16x , the other at 4x ) .

sure it wouldn't give me any good performance for a crossfire .
so I thought of a good ATI vga card in the 16x & get a low price Nvidia card just for physics on the 4x slot .

will it work fine or it will bottleneck ??

I hate the idea that I have an extra pci-e slot that I can't use :fou: .
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    Well, you probably can hook up an nVidia card for PhysX, although it will require some special drivers IIRC, because nVidia drivers automatically disable PhysX upon detecting an ATi card. For PhysX, 4x bandwidth should be OK.

    With the other 4x slot, you could probably put in a SATA III or USB 3.0 controller card instead.
  2. thank you Lmeow for replying

    It's only one 4x slot , not two :)

    I didn't know that there is a SATA III PCI-e card :D , it's a good thought for people with boards like me .
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