Is this 16gb ram on newegg good for a i7-2600k build?

I'm putting together a i7-2600K build. I'm waiting for more motherboards to become available, but I've had my eye on this ram:

Its 16Gb, 4X4Gb, and CL7, 1.5V - and also the least expensive 4x4 kit on newegg. I want the 16gig now so I have a matched set, and I tend to build machines every 5 years or so. I know I want the i7, vertex 3 SSD, and F3 1tb. I'm thinking a CoolMaster 212+ heatsink fan on the chip to cool / quiet.

I was thinking to pull the trigger on the ram with the 15% discount and free shipping.

By my math that will make this kit $161.50.

Any compelling reasons not to buy this now? Thanks all for the ideas.
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  1. I assume 'rendering' is the goal, I would look at the Ripjaws X +$10 and maybe increase the DRAM Voltage {if needed} to 1.55v~1.60v. I read the comment and the problems with 4X4GB is DIMM voltage and not the RAM itself. In either case, the IC on the Ripjaws X are better regardless of the CAS differences and increased frequencies. Ideally, the best bang for the $ is 1600 CAS 8/9 for the SB + LGA 1155.

    HSF - The Thermaltake Frio will cut 10C +$10 {CM 212+ $38w/shipping | TF $48 w/shipping}.
  2. By the time you need to upgrade ('...every 5 years or so..') you'll need lower-voltage RAM anyway. One of the new processors coming out later this year (Sandy Bridge 'E') will already require 1.35v RAM instead of 1.5v RAM.

    For the same price, you could just get two 8GB (2x4GB) 1600 CL9 kits. That would be the smart buy, as 1600 seems to be Sandy Bridge's sweet spot.

    I went with one 8GB kit and one 4GB kit of Ripjaws X CL9 1600 (also during a 15% off sale at NewEgg) for my Sandy Bridge build, and I'm quite happy with it.
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