Serious help needed

i have just purchased a new assemble pc for gaming i included parts of my own choice i am facing problem of lag while gaming like the screen is not smooth and its not proper like what it should be i was playing battlefield bad company 2 on all resolutions low med and high and on all screen sizes i am not getting smooth play my pc specification is as follows
asus m4a89gtdp pro mobo
gskill ripjays 1600mhz 4 gb ram
amd 1055t proc x6
ati 5870 1gb
lg 23inch m237wa monitor
1tb 7200rpm hdd
750 wat coolermaster power supply
help req as soon as posssible
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  1. are you overheating and having things throttle? Download HW monitor and use that to track your temperatures while you are in game.

    You should be getting pretty good performance, i would go through and make sure that drivers are up to date and you dont have any viruses or virus scans going in the background.
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