WD: Black slow?

Hello community, i got bored and decided to test how fast my main hard drive was, and i was surprised by the results.
While running only the sequential test on AS-SSD it registered: Read-100mb/s Write-70mb/s.

Are these normal speeds for a western digital black 1tb? The computer in general is very snappy and quick but maybe not.
I've had the drive for about 7 months and have done monthly De-Frags and remove everything i don't use or need.

The motherboard i have is a MSI 890GXM-G65.
Does the benchmark suite matter, are there better ones or more accurate?

*I only ran the Seq bench because the other ones were taking 25min+ to finish.*

*This is my 5+ year old 500gb WD: Green*
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  1. Yes, those are very normal for A 7200rpm WD black and A slower WD green. AS far as the benchmark suite goes, "AS SSD" is primarily supposed to be for SSD's "Crystal Disk Mark" would be better for regular hard drives. :sol:
  2. Ahh, ok. I was a bit worried something was wrong but i guess not. Thanks for the help and fast response.
  3. just make sure you keep your mb chipset drivers up to date..those are the main drivers needed for the sata chipset on the mb.
  4. No problem, Even though that WD black is Sata III (i think) The Sata III 6.0Gb/s speed is just the speed the Sata III interface is capable of and has almost nothing to do with the speed a particular hard drive is capable of.

    This is why a regular Sata III hard drive is no faster than a Sata II hard drive, because no regular hard drive can go fast enough to saturate a Sata II port. In-fact most can't even saturate a Sata I port.

    While Sata III might help with the disks cache, the difference is so small I doubt any one could tell. At this point Sata III for a hard drive other than an SSD is more a marketing gimmick than anything else. :sol:
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