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Hello, Would this setup work fine? Any suggestions/changes? Would I need water cooling? Cooler Master HAF X Corsair DDR3 1600MHz 6GB 3x240 DIMM Unbuffered Intel Boxed Intel Core i7 Extreme i7-980X 3.33GHz 12M LGA1366 Gulftown BX80613I7980X Seagate 3.5inch internal HDD 1TB 7200rpm S-ATAII 32MB ST31000528AS BR-PI1216FBS-BK GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD7 motherboard MSI graphics card for NVDIA N480GTX-M2D15 buffalo air station (wlan) GALAXY EVO EGX1050EWT
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  1. You don't NEED water cooling, but if you did get it you should be able to hit 4GHz on that CPU. Was your plan to use stock heatsink? Rig looks good though.
  2. The i7 980X can hit 4GHz on its default air cooling itself.. If you employ Liquid cooling, the temps can be kept even further down.. However it wont be necessary.. Especially inside a case like the HAF-X which is excellent with its default cooling structure.. BTW, all the parts look good and you surely should not have any problems.. There is no mention of the PSU though.. For your current setup with high overclock and keeping future SLI plans as reference, I'll recommend you the Corsair TX 950W..
  3. I would suggest doing SLI 460 GTX's it wil be more powerful then a single 480 and its cheaper. All your other parts are fine and no need for water cooling unless you are gonna do some serious overclocking.
  4. What are you building your PC for? Gaming?
    In any case 980x with $1000 price tag is waste of money.
  5. Yeah get an i7 930 and 2xGTX460's in SLI. It would be way cheaper than this one. And you can buy an SSD with some of the remaining money;)
  6. sorry i copy pasted my list of components from excel and it became hard to read, i apologize about that. thanks everyone for their quick replies. I'm actually trying to build a PC that can last me at least 4 years, and that I can easily upgrame when i becomes neccesary.

    This is my latest list of components:

    CASE: Cooler Master HAF X
    RAM :Corsair DDR3 1600MHz 6GB 3x240 DIMM Unbuffered
    CPU: Intel Boxed Intel Core i7 Extreme i7-980X 3.33GHz 12M LGA1366 Gulftown BX80613I7980X
    SSD (for running Windows XP and booting Windows 7 from Windows XP) Intel Boxed X25-V Value SATA SSD 40GB SSDSA2MP040G2R5
    DRIVE: LG Blu Ray Drive (GGC-H20L)
    GRAPHICS CARD: MSI graphics board for NVDIA N480GTX-M2D15
    WIRELESS: BUFFALO Air Station NFINITI 11n/g/b USB用 無線子機 WLI-UC-G301N
    PSU: GALAXY EVO EGX1050EWT (i think this is only available in Asia??)
    STORAGE DISK: WESTERN DIGITAL 3.5インチ内蔵HDD 1.5TB 5400rpm 32MB SATA 3.5inch WD15EADS

    I'm a little bit afraid the 40GB disk won't be enough to run all my applications, but that's what I can buy. By the way, my budget is around 2500 USD. All the things will be bought in Japan, cause i'm now in Japan.

    Also, I hope the 5400 disk is fine.

    I would like to use the computer for gaming, CAD programs, and Adobe CSU suite. Also my gf is an architect and she has to run simulation programs that usually take like 12 hours to complete with a dual core, stuff like that.

    how much better does it get by adding 2 GTX460 in SLI? what if I use only one 480GTX in SLI and then add another GTX 480 in a couple of years? btw how many cards in SLI can I add?

    I decided I won't relly burn blu ray so I changed the drive and i got much cheaper..

    looking forward to hearing more advice, thanx, cheers
  7. btw, i need the wireless to connect to a connection in my street. (it's free)
  8. Please listen. The i7-980x is a waste of money. Get the i7-930. Also, the GTX480 doesn't have a value at all, so get 2 GTX460's 1GB i SLI, they'll be a lot faster than a single 480. Wth the rest of the money you can get a nice SSD as primary HDD and use Samsing Spinpoint F3 as a storage HDD. The 5400RPM drive is crap, and you're building a michine with an i7 CPU.
  9. Getting rid of the i7 980X will open up very many avenues for you.. 40GB is really low capacity for your intended programs and applications (especially with the fact that you would need to keep atleast 20% free space for efficient performance).. Getting an i7 930 (i7 950 if the price drops) will allow you to get a higher capacity SSD like the Crucial Real SSD 256GB along with 12GB of RAM.. Also, no point going for a 5400 RPM drive.. The new age 7200 RPM drives give higher performance but neither use very much power nor any noticeable amount of noise.. As for number of cards in SLI, it depends on your motherboard and case.. IMO, a two card configuration is most any individual may ever need with such high end cards like the GTX 480.. If you think you can add another one later, then by all means go for the GTX 480.. Otherwise two GTX 460 1GB cards will give you equivalent (sometimes better) performance as compared to a single GTX 480 albit at a little higher power draw..
  10. ^^Agreed. Get a Velociraptor is you need to. But no point getting the 980-X

    Look at this:

    Look at what you are putting your money into. Get an IPS panel monitor with the saved money.
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