Case for Overclocking

Looking for a new case for gaming (and overclocking)

so what i'm looking for is:

good air flow, room for large heatsinks and fans, good for water cooling.
This is the most important

less important (but still important) would be:

easy to build with and noise.

I have been looking at the Cooler Master HAF 932, at it seems to fit my needs, and my max price tag, but if any one could recommend something else, I would appreciate it.
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  1. the new HAF X. possibly the best case ever made. brilliant thing.
  2. What's your budget for the cabinet?
  3. about 150$, but a bit difficult to say, as i deal in different currency (from Denmark) and therefore prices can be rather different
  4. It would be Euro for you... right?

    Well CM HAF-X is just within your budget. It the best you can get within you budget. Check if it fits your budget.
  5. strangely I can't find it anywhere, tried 3 different webshops, and a price database, but nothing only the HAF 922 and 932
  6. You may give a look to the CM Storm Sniper also.. It would do well on all your intended needs and fit your price bracket also..
  7. Found the HAF-X, but it is considerably more expensive than the HAF 932, so no that is not an option.
  8. Then ly alternative is HAF932.
  9. another great case is the lancool dragonlord K62. my case, and its excellent.

    you may also like the antec 1200.

    but the 932 is one of the best (i prefer my k62, but thats a preference thing)
  10. Corsairs new 600T might be an option too, should be out in the next few weeks.
  11. As other have said the HAF-X is the best, since its outa your reach get the HAF 932.
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