Is this worth the upgrade?

I have a Nvidia GTX 280 and was wondering if an upgrade to the GTX 470 would be worth it?
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  1. well the gtx 470 performs a fair bit better, if you have the money then why not? :)
  2. What are your full systems specs? And monitor's native resolution?
  3. It depends on your CPU, PSU and monitor...
    So give us the detail... :)
  4. Sorry, I should have added that at the beginning.

    i7 920 (2.66)
    27" 1920x1200 native resolution
    Gigabyte x58 board
    Antec 850 Watt PSU

    In all honesty I get pretty good frame rates at high resolutions. However a couple of the games out there can still drag it down a bit. Crysis and GTA IV as an example. I play Crysis at 1920x1200 no AA or AF and I get OK frame rates but they can noticebly drop and can get a little sluggish. If I drop it to 1600x1200 frame rates are much better but the jaggies kick in. If I add AA and AF then the frame rate takes a dip. I would think with my rig I could pull better frames in some of these games than I currently do.

    Everyone's input is appreciated!
  5. The GTX470 is good. Make sure you not get the standard PCB board. Get the customized one.
  6. Yes for DX11, no for everything else.
  7. GTA 4 is badly coded... In some article, I remember, i read that there was a small difference in the performance of a 9800GT and a GTX 280.
    Overclocking your processor might give you better performance in GTA4.

    Crysis needs GPU muscle.If you think upgrading for a single game is worth it then go for GTX 470 :).
    Otherwise , I would say, GTX280 is still a very powerful card and you can use it a little longer. . .
  8. Yeah, its your processor that is holding you back in GTAIV(OC that thing, keeping it at stock is just a waste.)
    It sounds like you don't really need an upgrade right now really to me. The GTX 470 is DX11 and faster but not by a huge amount(20-25% at stock.) Whether that is worth the money is something only you can decide. The card does OC a large amount so with that factored in it mat be worth it.
    Another slightly more affordable option is the HD5850 if you are willing to switch to ATI. OCed to 1ghz it should give performance in the area of a GTX 480 for much less money.
  9. Thanks to all who replied, it's much appreciated and it gives some good thoughts on upgrading or not!
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