Radeon HD 5870 underperforming ?

I just got my HD 5870 and have been testing it with 3dmark06 on default settings. Paired with a Phenom II 955 @ 3.7GHz I only get a score of 19,800, I had the same CPU with a GTX 260 C216 and scored about 17,500. Isn't that just too close ? I feel like my card is underperforming, I played the Crysis Demo and maxed out everything, 1920x1080, 8x AA, All very high and it was really playable, not much lag but every now and then it would hit as low as 25FPS like when firefights got big, to be honest I didnt expect the fps to go as low as 25 with this card. Is this good/normal ? Or was I just expecting too much ? Is it possible to check what scores people got with 3dmark06 on default using an HD 5870 ? Or if anyone has this card and have tested it with 3dmark06 can you post your scores so we can compare ? Sorry for the so many questions but Im concerned about this, I would hate it if my cards defective.

Oh and by the way just something to add im using Windows 7 and the Radeon 5xxx series drivers from ATI's website, There was also an option for Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity Edition drivers but my card isnt eyefinity edition so I chose 5xxx series, Could it have something to do with drivers. Thanks in advance !!
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  1. That sounds about right. Crysis is a demanding game. Your 3dMark score is also about right.

  2. That sounds about right. Turn down AA. That'll help a lot.

    But just to be sure, make sure you used drive sweeper to clean out old Nvidia drivers
  3. So 25 fps the minimum fps? Man that is very normal for a 5870 with Crysis @ 1080p with Very High + 8xAA. You could reduce the AA to 4x though, as the fps would improve pretty much during explosions and in a heavy firefight. 8xAA doesn't improve image quality that much as 4xAA does over 2xAA afterall;)
  4. Thanks guys I guess I was just expecting WAYY too much from this card.
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