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i have some problem in my system when i play heavy games like modernwarfare 2, blur , gta 4. then my system automatically turned off i mean just like power cut off but my ups just stay on before i was dual core 2 , 945 motherbord gt 240 graphic card, and now i have amd phenom 2 x6 1055t m4a870td\usb3 mobo and same gt 240 gcard same thin happen in both rig. is there is power problem ? or graphic problem it happen only when i play heavy games but not on low quality games like cs

please help

now recently checked 3d mark score when test go to cpu test 02 when it was showing warming up then same thin happen
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  1. If you suspect a power problem why no info on the PSU? Its either that or the GPU is faulty.

    What do you mean by UPS? Do you have a battery back up system or did you mean the PSU?
  2. ups uninterrupted power supply for backup
    i have 450 watt psu but its not 450 actually its a old version
    and i'm using win 7 32 bit
  3. here is my mb or cpu temprature

    my room temprature is 42 c
  4. Ouch, high room temp. I'm assuming thats your bios? So you have a 51c temp at idle? The other issue is your 12V rail is a bit low at idle as well. I could certainly see if you try playing a game that the temps go up to much, causing stress on the PSU, and it causes the 12V rail to go out of spec. (11.4V is the spec, you don't wany anything lower then that.) I suggest finding a way to bring the temps down. I'd start there. You might want to see about monitoring your 12V rail while gaming as well.
  5. ok now i just start some fans on my cabinet now temprature is 35.6 c (before 47 c) on idle and harware monitor show me this

    is this good ?
  6. psu? case? passes burn in tests?
  7. can anyone tell me shold i buy a new psu ?
    what about this
  8. psu CIL ODYSSEY model 450PA july 2007 old

    cabinet zebronics ZEB 228B PEACE
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    Well, it helped some. You dropped a few degrees and gained .05v on the 12V rail. Its just not enough. I new PSU will help. Getting it cooler in there will help out as well.

    I'm not that familiar with CM PSUs. They make good and bad ones. Either look up that model online or wait for someone to tell you.
  10. thank you new psu helped me
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  12. Cool. What PSU did you end up getting?
  13. eXtreme Power Plus 500W
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