Please help me: I can't establish a WAN Miniport connection under WinXP SP3

Because our router proves often low level quality connection to Internet, I tried to establish a ICS, connecting the Internet cable to a single computer first,
to it's network adapter controller.
But I have an unpleasant surprise: I can't establish the connection (PPPoE) under WinXP SP3. We didn't use any modem for Internet connection, we didn't need username and password (as established with our ISP by contract). Perhaps I omitted some settings. Please help me ! Thanks !
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  1. What you need to do is create a new connection and configure it as a PPPoE (similar to dial-up networking), then share THAT connection using ICS. IOW, once that new PPPoE connection is listed under Network Connections, right click it, select Properties, and under the Advanced tab, enable ICS.
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