Change my memory voltages to match rated value?


I have a pretty general question. I have 24gb of ram rated for 1.65v and 1600mhz. They are all installed and working fine (other than a memory leak someone on my system) at default bios values of 1333mhz and something like 1.5v. Should I change the bios to match the rated voltages and timing or should I just leave it alone? Is there any advantage or disadvantages? Is it safer for the hardware to change it?

Thanks as always!
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  1. Assuming your BIOS supports the 1600 speed, go ahead and change it. You should notice a bit of a speed increase in games and such. The memory was designed to run at that speed, so it won't affect its operational lifetime or anything.
  2. Hey, thanks for the info! Any idea about the voltages?
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    Yeah, you would need to raise that to the rated value as well. Otherwise it probably wouldn't run at 1600.
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