Cpu Temperature

For a while now I've been trying to find my real cpu temp, and every reading I get seems to high or too low for my system.

In my bios when I start it up, its slowly raises to an idle temp of 51c
(I find that ridiculously high)

However, with multiple programs (Coretemp,Everest,HW Monitor) all report my cpu idle hovering around 30c (which I find ridiculously low).

My Specs

I have...

Asus M2N68-AM SE2
AMD Phenom X4 9600 2.3 Ghz
2 X 2gb Corsair DDR2 800 mhz
750GB Seagate HDD
Ultra 500W Power Supply
Sparkle Nvidia 9400gt 512 mb passive

My case has 2 80mm fans blowing inward. One of them blows directly on my video card. I also have one 80mm and 120 mm blowing out.

Other Details

My ambient temp is somewhere below 25c. (Im not sure but Im in my basement and its alot cooler than the 25c outside)
My gpu idles at 50c
My mobo idles at 34

I recently replaced the stock thermal paste with Ocz freeze (no major change in temps)

My operating system is winxp pro 32bit

I was also told that phenoms have an offset with temperature readings, so any more info on this could help.

Thanks for any help,

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  1. Real Temp and Core Temp are something which report accurate temps. Dont worry about the 30 deg. Its fine. Just after i boot, Real Temp shows my E8400 gets a reading of 7 deg and another 10 deg for the two cores!
  2. I assume you meant to say 'inaccurate temps'. If that is the case, then Im still in the dark to knowing my what my cpu temp is. I could only expect a idle temp of 30c if I had a good cooling setup, but with the stock hsf im using, it seems temps like those are impossible to come by.
  3. I meant accurate temps. Wait for anyone to post in this forum.They will say that BIOS monitoring and the some PC Probe stuff from Asus are not good enough!

    What's your ambient temps? I had my PC idling at 30 deg even without proper cooling. So nothing to worry about there!

    How much does it reach after load?
  4. While I have no accurate way to report my ambient temps, all I know is my room temp has to be cooler than the 25c outside. As for load temps, I dont push my processor hard and not until recently began to monitor temps. Since then I've been keeping it lightly, but then again I usually do that regardless.
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