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Hey All,

been trawling the forums, charts etc for a while now, and usually have a good indication on what im talking about or what to look for. But on this occastion i am confused. all my GPU's have been researched from Toms reviews/charts and bought through the fact that its not always the most expensive GPU is the best.

My Radeon 9800Pro served for 3 years. My GeforceXFX 6800 GFS, and my Geforce 8800 GTX (only replaced due to not working, 2 days AFTER the warranty ran out) - Now im currently running on a Nvidia Palit GTX 470 - though through more research, most of the Ati's out preform the same spec Nvidias.

Anyways, ive been trawling through trying to understand the general spec's of CPU's and how the Ghz, Caches, HT's etc boost more in areas then some for performancing increases in hard gaming. But my knowleadge has halted and i cant seem to understand the physics behind Intels and AMD's maths. Only that Intels seem to be double the price for older technology (or an Older chip physically)

I have been looking through my main sites which i purchase from, and AMD's seem to be ALOT cheaper then the Intels.

Meaning i can get a AMD Phenom II 955 BE for £111 but an can only get an Intel i3 550 for £118.

Now i know Intel are up the i7 series (ie Intel i7 950 - but thats £440 odd) - I know Intel seem to be out preforming AMD in most aspects but im not sure where AMD's fit in to the charts/graphs. The GPU's seem alot more simpler to understand and purchase on performance.

I have had a poor Athlon X2 4200+ for more than 3 years and she still is going strong with very minor spills, blips & spultters within games. I know i need to upgrade as the CPU is serverly bottlenecking my GPU and X2 is very old technology now in terms of latest availability.

Ive always stuck with AMD's but becuase previously it was a simple choice... Now it seems AMD have fallen well behind on the performance metre and i dont understand why or even care. Im just looking for a decent CPU which will last the 3 years without any hickups or anything faults or hickups playing the lastest games - current and up-coming at the ress of 1900x1200 (whatever the exact res is) with high to max details.

I know for a fact the given a decent high end GPU, most/all games will run pretty smoothly at the higher resolutions.. But i know in time the CPU will become the limiting factor, regardless of GPU.

Hense why this is my post. Have around £250 for CPU and MB (with aftermarket cooler)

Again, just looking for decent, informative advice, not just buy this chip..

Sorry for the longness of the post.. Any Info Much apprecaited!!

Cheers - Jamie
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