2x 2gb HD 5970

Is the Radeon HD 5970 2gb version worth it to be crossfired? Is it worth it to take two of these cards and crossfire them because from all of the research that i have done, it handles every game fine. Is there a need now or should i wait and buy it later?
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    absolutely no need, even one 5970 is complete overkill.
  2. Well, the HD 5970 can handle everything at 1080p at max settings and on 2560x1600 with high settings. So, if you're not a mad hardcore pc gamer that requires 50+ fps at 2560x1600, i see absolutely NO reason to Xfire now, or in the future.
  3. You will be great with only just a single HD 5970... :)
  4. On 2560x1600 you can still max settings for a lot of games. On the most demanding games all you need to do is lower AA and turn off tesselation and AO.
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