Will the Athlon II x3 440 bottleneck the 5770?

Just a quick question to ask whether this budget gaming cpu (Athlon II x3 440 3.00Ghz) will bottleneck an ATI 5770? Or vice versa? Or would an Intel core i3 530 be a better (but much more expensive) option?

Thanks guys
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  1. My i3 will run at about 4.0 with a top rated heatsink, but the 440 is a better value. Look for one used for around $50. I just dealt with a trader at anandtech and he sold his tri core for $60 or less used, and his disabled core would unlock according to his tests. Put most of your money in the video card.
  2. ^agreed. That CPU will certainly not hugely "bottleneck" any single card setup. Although, you will notice an improvement in performance past the 5770 with a better CPU.
  3. No bottleneck, they match very well.
  4. I would say they are a perfect match.
  5. there seems to me to be too many "bottleneck" questions filtering through this forum. Can someone just write up a sticky and keep it updated as to reccommended cpu/vga card combo's for all the different types. Minimum and maximum cpu's for each gfx card type. or perhaps toms can do some sort of article about it, and update it every few months. Also, just to add, even if you have an over the top GFX card with a lower CPU, it just means you can crank the resolution up without much FPS loss.
  6. Id like to start it, but dont have all that information on me. Maybe someone who has a good idea about the power of every cpu and graphics card from the past 4 years could put one together??? If i get really bored and have nothing better to do I will try and make one. May take a while to get all the info together though.
  7. ah thanks guys! :P
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