Computer Problem while playing games

Hey guys, I am currently having some issues with my computer and am seeking some help.
My specs are as follows
Icore 7 930
6gb ddr3 ram
Asus P6T mobo
gtx 260
Case is Cosmos 1000

So while playing startcraft 2 after about 5 minutes, the sound starts to cut out abit, then the game starts to kind of chug, and my mouse movement goes jerky(one time my mouse and keyboard stopped working completely while playing.

I have had the setup since January and have never had issues which makes me think it could possibly be that my cpu is overheating since we have been in somewhat of a heatwave.. I did not get a chance to see my CPU temp while it was chugging, however my Gcard was only at 75C which doesnt seem to bad.

It has been pretty hot at home atm, the Room ambient temp is about 31C and the CPU idle temp seems to be around 49C.

Does this sound like a CPU issue, or am i out to lunch with thinking it's the CPU. If anyone has any ideas what it may be any help would be greatly appreciated. If it is CPU then perhaps someone could recommend a good after market cooler.

Thanks again, all the help is very very appreciated.
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  1. What are your idle and load CPU temperatures?
  2. idle is 50, going to check load temp tonight
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