Computer Locking Completely

I am havhign an issue and need some experienced opinions as I am at a loss to figure out what my issue is.

I have an Acer Aspire AM5640 that I purchased two years ago. This computer has run without flaw for the entire time up until last week. All of a sudden, the machine locked up solid and the display froze. No action on the hard drive when it happened. Everything just stopped.

The machine is a Quad core Q6660 with 3GB of Ram, an ATI 4350 (512MB) video card, and two 500GB hard drives (the second of which I added).

Things I tried:

1. Having a spare hard drive, I reset everything using the restore disks to make sure it wasn't a software issue. Still locked up with fresh OS.

2. I tried putting the original ATI 3430 card back into the machine. Locked again.

3. I tried removing the memory one stick at a time and trying each of the 2 sticks in the other slot.

I finally thought I had it. There is a 2GB and a 1GB stick installed. With the 1GB installed and not the two, the machine was running for two days. and I ordered new RAM. 2 - 2GB of Kingston HyperX ram. With the 1GB on Windows Vista, the machine was pretty much useless and with my wife and I playing World of Warcraft, it was impossible.

The RAM shows up and I am happy. Now I will have 4GB of RAM and my machine will be running properly.

INstalled RAM and left for work. Wife is doing banking, and everything is great. She starts up Warcraft and does a few things and then goes to a dungeon with a group. Half way through, the machine locks up again. :S

Machine has been shut down ever since.

I am wondering if anyone has some input on this, or whether I should start looking at the power supply. Don't want to swap it out if that isn't the problem either.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Have you tried re-installing WoW?
    sometimes it gets funny about hardware changes, says xxx file cant be found as it freezes up
    hope this helps,
  2. Wow doesn't appear to be the problem. Even with a fresh system on another hard drive, I still have the same issues. That is what is making me suspect hardware.
  3. on the acer it says "industry standard 300 watt".
    that also means "over-rated cheap junk 250w" seeing that its an acer :)
    can you please provide a picture of the back of the computer? and the power supply(youll have to open the side). i want to know if its a standard atx psu, then i would say upgrade the psu to something better, like the antec 380d. or better.
  4. I have the best picture that I can take, but there is no way to attach it to this reply.

    Here is a link to the photo. I had to put it in Photobucket.
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    yes its a standard atx psu. its mediocre quality (fsp)...
    i would recommend this:
  6. LOL. Thanks for all the help. I don't know why that wasn't my first suspected part. It has been a long time since I have seen a power supply fail.
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