Deleting a Corrupted File on an External HD

there is a mp3 file with in 2 folders that wont delet. it say it is un readable. i converted a copy into another format and found it to be a crap tecno song. how can i rid this file out off my HD with out formating it
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  1. Open a command prompt window and navigate to the folder using the cd command. you can use the * as a wildcard so you dont need to type the full dir name. once located use the del command to delete the file. remember you can use * as a wildcard, just make darn sure if you type del track*.mp3, trackname.mp3 had better come first alphabetically.


    C:\Users\User\>cd \
    C:\>cd user
    C:\Users\>cd Us*
    C:\Users\User\>cd mu*
    C:\Users\User\Music\>del trackname.mp3

    (And of coarse, by "trackname.mp3" i mean the file u want gone.)
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