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No Booting

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August 18, 2010 7:57:01 PM

Really sorry for alot of detail, i just want you to get everything... :) 

So i bought this computer (Specs are down) from a friend, it had Windows XP and alot of useless stuff for me. So i decided to make a Format because i had the Windows XP CD. When it still had XP on it it worked well, when i wasn't playing anything. But if i was playing, it shut down soon, probably due to overheating problem. So i formated it, Cleaned all the heat-sinks and tried to get Win XP on. But Win XP didn't have any drivers for my SATA HDD and i didn't want to mess with the floppy, i decided to get Windows 7 on it.
Now when i tried to install windows 7 i didn't get very far with the setup, actually i almost didn't make it into it because the PC kept shutting down saying' "OFF MODE" on the monitor(so that you know sometimes i started the pc it said "SYSTEM FAILED DUE TO OVERCLOCKING" which i never did, actually i reseted the BIOS and even successfully flashed it to a new 1013 version). Because i thought that it was a overheating problem, i took the pc down to the cellar where it was quite chill, hoping it would not shut down. But when i tried to install Win7 it shut down again. *note* When i first found the problem i went to BIOS to check the CPU temp but it was around 50 degrees, and in cellar it was around 40 degrees. So i started to think it wasn't the CPU that was failing but the PSU. Now i tried to get win on it until it didn't get any picture to the monitor so i went up to my room again and it booted there. Next day i took the whole thin apart and went to my friends place to use his PSU ( Corsair 1000W if i am correct), we had all connected but no picture and even no Beep, we changed the GPU, CPU and even the motherboard but didn't et any picture. Next day when i went home i put the hole thing together and tried to boot - it showed the BIOS logo and then went off, i haven't gotten it to show anything since then, but i have gotten a few beeps, i tried changing the RAM slots, taking everything off of the mobo but still nothing, now i am out of ideas, so need help :) 

System Specs:
Asus A7N8X-E
AMD XP2800+ / AMD XP2500+
Sapphire 1650x / Nvidia 5200
1GB - 256Mb - 256Mb
Samsung 120GB SATA HDD
Some Chieftec 350W PSU

By beep i mean one beep which should mean that everything is OK...

I have tried to strip everything out too (except for CPU, and one stick of RAM [ ofc i tried all RAM's in all slots]) but sometimes i only beeps normally, even if i take out the last ram it doesnt give me any beep codes... any guidance would be grat because i am running out of ideas...

Oh and by the way after i flashed the BIOS everything worked fine and if you are curious why i formated then i just wanted to get rid of STEAM games which account i didn't have :) 

Edit: I am starting to think that it is the PSU, because this motherboard should have some sort of power loss restart feature or something. Today but everything in and connected them, and got that one *beep* but still no picture( and i know the monitor works, i just tested it on other PC)

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August 20, 2010 7:41:36 PM